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MD in Benbrook, Tx. (Spring 2011)

Garage Door Mysteriously Opened!

Since having the Smart Meter installed, I have had 3 instances where my garage door has mysteriously been found open after I KNOW for sure I had closed it.  There is at least one neighbor that I know of that has had this happen to him as well.  I didn’t know it might be caused by the Smart Meter until a friend of mine told me that there has been reports of this happening after the Smart Meter is installed.  Apparently, the meter wireless communications get mixed up with the wireless code for the garage door openers, so I have heard.

Air Conditioner Part Ruined $200 to replace!

One other thing I learned from my friend is that there are many cases of people who have had to replace particular parts on their Air Conditioner units after having a Smart Meter installed.  These damaged parts are usually “fried”, and are often times as in my own case, not very old (say2-3 years maximum).  This happened to me, too, and if I my friend had not mentioned it, I would not ever thought about it.  Another thing my friend told me was it might possibly even make a difference in damaging the AC especially if they are close to one another.  Now, I am considering doing a little research, and if this has been happening to lots of other people who have recently gotten a Smart Meter, I would like to get the Electric Co. or Oncor to pay to repair my A/C.  (it cost me about $200 to replace the damaged part)  That is why I am glad to have this website to compile stories, so we can hear if there are other instances of the same types of problems and maybe we can group together to get something done about it! (So, please submit your story- you can use the tab at the top of the page – “Send us YOUR Smart Meter Story”!)


Kheri Hines – D/FTW

Bill goes from $120 to $525 over 2 mos.

For months I had been hearing stories about the smart meter over-billing customers, however, I had no solid  information that proved what I was hearing was accurate. So one day when the Oncor rep showed up at my door saying he needed to install a new meter I told him I did NOT want a smart meter on my home for that very reason. A couple of weeks later he returned saying I didn’t have an option to choose. So feeling rather powerless I allowed the installation the first week of May 2011.

At that point I had lived in my home nearly a decade and had never seen a bill that exceeded $250 in a one month period. My electric bill was averaging about $120 a month at that time. The very next month my bill increased to $318, my electric bill had more than doubled in one month. The following month my bill increased to $525 and had more than tripled in two short months. I knew this couldn’t be right despite the weather being extremely hot I simply was NOT using that much electricity. My bill said I had used 3,745 kwh that month, when at the same time the year before I was averaging about 2,333. I attempted to reason with both Oncor and TXU by showing them records of my previous usage. I explained my consumption couldn’t possibly be that high based on what appliances I had running in my home. After many conversations with TXU’s CEO department and Oncor’s communication’s director Mike Murphy I came to the conclusion the SMART METER was not functioning properly and nothing I was going to say would make them acknowledge that.

Despite thousands of people with similar complaints Oncor’s only explanation is the customer must NOT be paying attention to the number of times they turned on a light switch.

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