Smart Meter Refusal/Removal Letter

No Smart Meters!

You can use this letter to notify your electric company that you do not want a smart meter or if you have one you want it removed.

Send the letter registered mail so that you have proof it was received.


Energy Customer’s Name
Street Address
City State Zip


Name of Your Energy Provider
Street Address
City State Zip

Date of letter


Dear (Energy Provider) and all agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties,

If you intend to install a “Smart Meter” or any activity monitoring device at the above address, you and all other parties are hereby deny consent for installation and use of all such devices on the above property. Installation and use of any activity monitoring device is hereby refused and prohibited. Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes. Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants. “Smart Meters” violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:

1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.

2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.

3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.

4. Data about occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those who’s activities were recorded.

5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.

6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.

7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.

8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.

9. Your company has not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the smart meter, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.

10. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency energy contamination from smart meters exceeds allowable safe and healthful limits for domestic environments as determined by the EPA and other scientific programs.

I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes “Smart Meters” and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other occupants, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance and endangerment of health and safety, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by “law” or not..

This is legal notice. After this delivery the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice. Civil Servant immunities and protections do not apply to the installation of smart meters due to the criminal violations they represent.

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.




9 Responses to Smart Meter Refusal/Removal Letter

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  2. Tony Castronovo says:

    Will this letter work for Florida Power and Light?

    • ccarriger says:

      I do believe it will work for Florida as well. SEnd one copy to your Power/Light co, and one to the Transmission & Distribution co. – which is the company that fixes the power lines when they go down. Or, if you have a city utility, or a Co-Op utility, you would send it to them. Although you send this to them, they will most likely send you a polite letter back saying that they are approved devices and they plan to put them on all houses, no exception. One possible ray of hope for Florida, is that on of your US Representatives, (Bill Posey) sent someone a letter telling them the meters were optional- that might be something you could include with your letter for additional support that these are and should be ‘opt-in’ basis. Here is a LINK to REp. Posey’s letter- you should hopefully be able to make a printed copy. Hope this helps. Keep searching online, as there are other’s in Florida who are fighting this invasion of our privacy etc. I just read Rep. Posey’s letter, and he says to call the Fl. Power/Light and the Fl. PUblic Svc Commission and as to get on the Opt Out list. My guess is, that they will say that Posey is mis-informed and there is no Opt OUt, but you can certainly use his letter as leverage! Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
      Posey’s pdf Letter online:

  3. Tom says:

    Will this actually STOP the installation of the smart meter on your home in Texas? Doesn’t the electrical company have the right to install anyway?

    • ccarriger says:

      The utility is saying they have been instructed to install by the PUC – but I have yet to see the directive that ‘mandates’ that all homes must have them. So, you can resist, but unless the PUC comes to our rescue (or in a year, the legislature passes a bill to make them optional, or banned), we may all have them installed against our will. There is a way to give your remarks more weight by writing your letter directly to the PUC as a part of the Comments Period for the Project 40190 to determine the feasibility of an Opt Out Solution. You need to send your letter of disapproval – and concern, and why you are concerned, etc., and make 16 copies to mail the PUC referencing the Project no. 40190 to reach the PUC by 6-18.
      You need to reference Project #40190 on your letter regarding the Opt Out (which we would like to have an Opt Out, but only for now, while the PUC looks at banning them as being proposed in project 40404, which you can also send comments in on during the comment period open till June 22.)

      Send to the following address:
      Public Utility Commission of Texas
      Attn: Filing Clerk – Central Records
      1701 N. Congress Ave
      PO Box 13326
      Austin, TX 78711

      You can see/read about the project by going here, and entering the project # 40190. Also, i recommend doing the same for a new project that just filed a couple days ago relating to the health and privacy issues, by the number of 40404. Both Projects are currently open for public comment – the more who comment the better!

      For more on this subject read my article “Can I avoid a Smart Meter?” as well as other articles on this site. Link to article:
      Hope this helps- any questions, please contact me at

  4. michael w says:

    My girlfriend and I recently moved back from Alaska where we were free of much of this “electronica excess”. While gone, a smart meter was placed on our elec., and recently our gas meter. According to the gas meter installer…H2O in next.

    Since returning to Austin, we have both had odd medical and health issues which we have not been able to successfully deal with. I have researched the possible health effects of smart meters and have compiled a disturbing list of possibly related symptoms. Although the environment and living conditions in Alaska are far cleaner and healthier than in Austin, our diet here is by far superior. I am very interested in having these meters removed, and take offense to being considered a conspiracist for questioning something.

    Smart Meter story…..
    When the installer came to the door, I was friendly and requested that he not install the unit. He was obviously prepared, and quickly dismissed my “conspiratorial” ideas about them, yet he would/ could not verifty that are safe….and finished the conversation by informing me I didnt have a choice. When he came by, it was his third time. He informed me that had I not have been home to do the ritual gas appliance check, they would have left me shut down with the new meter installed, and I would have had to call to have it turned back on.

  5. dan says:

    A company in northern california called wellington had smart meeter
    independant contractors installing at residental homes. The smart meeter was installed when I was at work. The property has a locked
    gate with NO Trespassing signs and cameras.
    Not having a choice too keep the analouge meeter, The smart meeter has driven my bill from 38.00 too 280.00 a month or more,
    and I have had to replace the inverter in my R.V twice there not
    cheap! I think somebody needs to pay for losses like this? 24 months of smart meeter usage makes you go solar. I DID? Dan!

  6. rafael rangel says:

    this letter work in state of TN?

  7. Cally says:

    How does this apply to apartment complexes because they are owned by someone else? There are separate meters for each townhouse.

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