Petition to Rick Perry and Greg Abbott (Atty. Gen.) of Texas

Below is a copy of a PETITION that we ALL need to sign!  This does not preclude you from going to YOUR Representative/Senator, the Gov. etc. with your own message of concern – we need to do that too!  But, for now, start with this petition, and the other two which are on another Doc. on this page: one for Texas PUC, and one for our National Representatives, that Everyone Can Sign.  Please tell your friends and family to sign this petition, and the other Tx Petitions on this website.  

Note: In order to actually ‘sign’ the petition go to the following link.  We have provided the language of the Petition below for your convenience.

To sign this petition go here: 

To:  Governor Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott


Target: Governor Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott

Smart” meters do not save energy. The Smart Grid is part of the long-range plans the energy industry has to save itself money and be able to charge you more. This is the Big Picture. It may be an inevitability if our future depends on the growth of technology. What is NOT inevitable or required is the use of WIRELESS tech.

Too many suppressed or ignored studies plus the large and rapidly increasing number of reports of resultant health problems mandate that the onslaught of wireless tech development be halted at once until safety becomes a priority and can be guaranteed.

The “smart” meter program creates a pervasive electromagnetic field, and there are no studies yet published on the smartmeter that indicate that the levels of EMF emitted — collectively in a community — are safeThe “safety” standards the meters comply with are irrelevant to the situation, and were not designed to protect the public from health problems under the circumstances in which the meters are being usedBecause the Smart Meter system is a mesh network, it is impossible to predict individual levels of exposure with any consistency or certainty. The un-safeness of the “safety” standards for the continuously transmitting “smart” meters is apparent from the reports of health problems, ranging from headaches to poor sleep to heart palpitations, that can begin after their installation. 

The stated objectives of the Smart Grid Program can be accomplished without transmitting meters –– but better yet would be a switch to “WiseGrid” solutions based on regionally appropriate mixes of renewable energy sources, guided by efficiency and conservation, which can be realized without the looming health, environmental, privacy and security hazards posed by wireless, hackable, invasive metering systems. This is a smarter path — better for humans and other living things, better for the planet and better for democracy.

Please join with us in doing what is right for the good people of Texas and stop the implementation of “mandatory” Smart Meters. This is America and our citizens should have the right to decide if they want this kind of technology installed with in their homes.


YOUR SIGNATURE-  go here to sign this petition!

Petition Provided by Patricia Hippley  of Texas (Thank you!)


One Response to Petition to Rick Perry and Greg Abbott (Atty. Gen.) of Texas

  1. Christina S. says:

    I hope people will wake-up and take action to keep in place our constitutional 4th ammendment rights to be safe, private and secure in our homes! Change will only occur if people take action individually, there is power in numbers folks! Hopefully our fore fathers hard work to implace the Constitution of the US to protect us from gov beurocratic intrution, like these smart meters being rammed down our throats, will not be in vain! We all must do our part to keep the constitution from being violated like this!

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