PETITIONS-Please Sign!

There are Three (3) Petitions below – go to each link to sign EACH one, because they all go to different locations.

Texas Petition – to Gov. Rick Perry & Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott

Below is a copy of a PETITION that we ALL need to sign!  This does not preclude you from going to YOUR Representative/Senator, the Gov. etc. with your own message of concern – we need to do that too!  But, for now, start with this petition, and the other two on this page: one for Texas PUC, and one for our National Representatives (i.e. State Reps and Senators in Congress), that Everyone Can Sign.  

To sign Petition to Gov. Rick Perry and Atty. Gen. Greg Abbot go HERE

Texas Petition – To the Public Utility Commission of Texas

 Please (Texans) Read and Sign this petition to the TPUC – not that they have seemed to  ‘care’, by there actions thus far, but if we get tons of signatures, perhaps we can bring this to the NEWS MEDIA, to tell them that the PUC is ignoring  “X” number of citizens.  (We need thousands to really be effective! As of August 27, the number was at about 409-so we have a big  job ahead! UPDATE, as of September 19 we are at 496!  Yeah! we are almost to 500!)

To sign Petition to the TPUC, go HERE

US Petition – To our Congressmen, and State Senators and Reps.

This petition will be able to tell which State and US Congressmen once you enter your zip code!  All Texans and all Americans should go and sign this petition!  Your voice counts!

To sign the Petition to YOUR State and US Congressmen go HERE











7 Responses to PETITIONS-Please Sign!

  1. Tim Cox says:

    hi, I have created a petition on here is a link would you add it to your site please ?

    • ccarriger says:

      Thanks Tim Cox- you just added the link- which will have to do for now, but i will try to get posted asap. I will also put on my facebook pages etc. really soon – just need to get passed some other Urgent stuff regarding commenting to the PUC! I hope you saw how to send in your comments to the PUC- look at the post called “Smart Meter ACTION ALERT_ Contact the PUC by Mar. 30th”

      • ccarriger says:

        If you want to really make an impact on what the PUC does in the future regarding the installations of the smart meters- I recommend reading and doing the above suggestion- quickly, as there is a deadline of Mar. 30th to have your comments count in their decision making! The instructions are on this site here:

  2. jimmy reynolds says:

    i dont like the idea of an unshielded microwave emitting device attached to my house
    i dont like the idea of an entity knowing when im home or not by my power consumption
    i dont like the idea of criminals inside the power company relaying information to their friends so they can break in my house when im gone

    • ccarriger says:

      YES! We are with you! That’s why we made this site – to get the word out, since the PUC and the Utility Companies have not bothered educating anyone about any of the above statements, and more!

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