Preparation for Class Action Lawsuit in Texas against Mandatory Smart Meter Installation

Pen and Ink with Paper to write on

Write Your Letter!

Preparation for Class Action Lawsuit In Texas Against Smart Meters

If you or your family have suffered in any way because a Smart Meter was forced upon you against your will, please clearly define your grievances and emphasize any illness acquired after installation of a Smart Meter.  Please include your electric provider, (TXU, Reliant, etc), your Transmission Distribution Company, (i.e. CenterPoint, Oncor, TNM Power, AEP), your e-mail address,  and contact information with your home address as we are trying to identify clusters of illness as they are developing. Please also include any property damage, assault, or any forced entry onto your property to include photographs if possible.  Please include your signature and a date on the letter, this is very important!


Please mail your Letter and any Documentation to:

Attn: Rachel/Smart Info

101C North Greenville Ave #83C
Allen, Texas 75002

Here’s some good info for you!

Harmful effects of smart meters cannot be denied.

It is scientifically unacceptable to deny the mass of evidence regarding the increases in cancer and other adverse health effects in people exposed to pulsed radio frequency/microwave radiation such as that emitted by smart meters. Website documents more than 2,000 pieces of research showing the negative health effects of radio frequency/microwave and electromagnetic radiation. 
The Maui News, October 6, 2012

More good info at the website link below.  When on the page, it has several articles (in fact, that is where I got the great article above!), so to find the various articles, just scroll down the page to find what interests you!  ALSO, for those who need to get information in Espanol, this website also has some of the articles in Spanish!

Go here:


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Webinar Training Nov. 15, to Lobby against Forced Smart Meter Installation

Centerpoint Meter Installer Climbs Gate

Centerpoint Meter Installer Climbs Gate

Join us for our “Citizen Lobbyist” training Webinar for those who are willing to contact their State Senator and Representative to stop the Forced Illegal Installation of Smart Meters. (Please read the rest of this Discussion Posting for details on this project.)


November 15, 2012 (Thurs)

Time – 7pm. (For those who respond, we will email you the exact log-in instructions)


go to  to REGISTER (spaces are limited, so first come first served)

The sign-up form requires you to insert your State Rep District no. and your State Senator District no. If you don’t the Number of YOUR District…you can find which State Senate/Representative Districts you are in by going here:


We have heard reports that there are several Texas state Senators or Representatives who are crafting bills regarding smart meters.

The purpose of this “Citizen Lobbyist” phase of our efforts are twofold:

1.)   We want to be able to influence that legislation.

2.) Educate our Senators and Representatives to be aware of the true nature of the meters so that they will vote appropriately when time comes for the passage of legislation.

For this effort has teamed up with to beginthe training of citizens that desire to help make a real change & impact on our TEXAS legislature regarding the issue of FORCED illegal smart meter installation. This training will teach you how to become a citizen lobbyist (regardless of cause!). Think about WHO has the ear of the legislators … “lobbyists” !!!  The difference in them & CITIZEN Lobbyists is that our special interests are OUR Constitutional Freedoms & the payoff is our SOVEREIGNTY !!!

We will provide you with a presentation packet that has already been given out to people such as the Lt Gov of Texas, the PUC & the Senate Committee that heard the interim charge on Oct. 9th.  These Smart Meter Educational Materials will be presented in an organized & unified way to your Texas State Senator and Representative.

Our goal is to have a minimum of two smart meter activists per State Senator and Representative that are THEIR constituents as this is who they really want to hear from.

We will teach you how to present the “white papers” put together by TASMs (Texans Against Smart Meters), & how to do the follow-up needed.  We also have Patriots that are working on writing the legislation to be presented.

This course will teach you how to make a bigger impact on the Legislation than the “special interest lobbyists”.  After all WE the People of Texas are who VOTE them in or out !!

So as you can see, covering all of Texas is a lofty goal, and we will need lots of help. It really is not difficult once you are trained on how to approach your elected officials with what to say, and how to follow-up.  The more teams we can put together all over Texas the stronger of an impact we will make…We need everyone!  This is not a new program, as there are already previously trained grass-roots groups that made an impact last legislative session.  This training is headed by a  ‘retired” special interest lobbyist that has now become an awesome PATRIOT for Texas & he is sharing his expertise in this area with us.

Thanks to all who are willing to participate.  Our freedom to choose depends on it!  If you cannot be on the Webinar, but are interested in participating, send an email to:  and let me know so I can get you the essential information so you can have the information packet to give to your State Rep and Senator.

Please distribute a link to this page to others that you feel might also be willing to help with this task-including posting on social networking sites as well.

God Bless TEXAS

Cindy Carriger


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Testimony from Texas Interim Senate Committee Hearing- re. Smart Meter Health Issues

As one of the many who testified, Dr. Wm Rea is Pres. of Dallas’ Environmental Health Center was given about 5 minutes to share on how EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) such as that which is expelled by the Smart Meters as well as cell phones, wireless routers and other equipment such as cordless phones and baby monitors as well, affects those who are in proximity to the devices.  Many doctors are not aware that these devices are affecting people, as it is a relatively new issue with the advent of so many technologies that use RF signals and similar technology.  However, there are those who have committed themselves to understanding the issues caused by such EMF and RF, and are treating many who find themselves afflicted with an array of complications some of which are headaches, sleeplessness, waking and not able to go back to sleep, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), heart palpitations or even more severe heart arrhythmia’s or in immune compromized persons, seizures and other complications.

Click on the link below for Dr. William Rea’s testimony.  Dr. is a bit hard to understand, because his voice is a bit muffled as he is quite elderly, and the quality of the recording is not the best, but if you listen closely or re-play it, I’m sure you will get a lot out of his testimony.

Testimony on Smart Meters for Tx Interim Senate Committee-Dr. William Rea, Pres, Environmental Health Center-Dallas

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Interim Senate Committee to take up Smart Meter Health Issues! Oct. 9, 2012

WE NEED YOUR LETTERS, WRITTEN, SIGNED THEN SCANNED AND EMAILED [to] SO THEY CAN BE DELIVERED TO the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce on October 9, 2012.

URGENT CALL TO ACTION, with a very short timeline (sorry!).


  • Salutation –  To: Senator John Carona, and you might consider also addressing Carona’s fellow committee members (the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce), other Texas Legislators, such as Dewhurst, Perry, your state Senator.
  • Give your personal testimony of how the smart meters have affected your life (committee is largely focused on health issues, but if there are other’s include those as well.)  (If  you haven’t rec’d a smart meter, you may state your concerns and opposition.)
  • Send to the friendly folks at, and they will print and take to Austin with them. Time is Very Short, Meeting is Tuesday Oct. 9, and the letters must be rec’d in time to print out and take to Austin. Try to do it Sunday, or as early as possible Monday!
  • Include the date and YOUR Signature – this is why it needs to be scanned in so your SIGNATURE will be ON RECORD.  (Add’s legitimacy to the document!)

If you want to try to attend, this is an open meeting- and a good showing will help our cause – you may be allowed to give a 2-3 minute testimony (I have not confirmed this, but you could possibly call John Carona’s office to verify.)

TO ATTEND, here’s details:
10 AM start time.
Room E1.016, Texas State Capitol Extension, Austin, Tx. (Overflow Room- E1.012)  See Agenda and timeline etc here.

Press Release From Senator John Corona


AUSTIN, TX — Senator John Carona, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce, is adding an interim charge relating to smart meters to the Committee’s October 9 meeting.

“There is a lot of concern in the public regarding advanced meters or smart meters, in particular about the potential health effects,” Carona said. He continued, “These concerns have not gone away over the course of industry installation and educational outreach, suggesting a need for further attention and review. ”

“I applaud the efforts of the Public Utility Commission and their recent public forum on the subject and look forward to this opportunity for additional public discussion.”

The hearing will be held in Austin, Texas on October 9, 2012 at 10:00 AM in the Texas Capitol Extension, Room E1.016. The Committee will also take up interim study charges on payday loans and the Texas Telecommunications Universal Service Fund, as well as hear quarterly updates from selected state agencies, including the Texas Department of Insurance.

Senator John Carona represents Texas Senate District 16, encompassing all or parts of Addison, Carrolton, Coppell, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Highland Park, Irving, Rowlett, and University Park. He was elected to the Legislature in 1990, first as a House member, and in 1996 he was elected to the Texas Senate. He has served as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce since July of 2010.

More information can be found on the Committee blog at Follow Senator Carona on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Above Press Release SHARED FROM TEXANS AGAINST SMART METERS (Link to their website-sign up for their posting updates to stay informed!)

BELOW Portion comes from Senator Carona’s Committe blog, that has details about the above referenced Senate Committee on Business & Commerce meeting.

PUBLIC HEARING, October 9, 2012, 10:00 a.m.

Room E1.016, Texas State Capitol Extension, Austin, Texas  (Overflow Room E1.012)

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PUC Aug. 21st Public Forum on Smart Meter Issues – Recap

August 21, 2012 the Texas PUC held a Public Forum on Smart Meter Issues.  Attendance was likely greater than expected since scrambling to find 2 appropriate overflow rooms delayed the 10 am meeting.  I do not know the actual number in attendance, but I believe the main room held 200 people.  This meeting was the first of its kind at the PUC, one where the entire day was only for public discussions of issues pertaining to the deployment and installations of Smart Meters.  Texans drove in from all around.  Some places I heard of people coming from was DFW and  Houston areas, San Antonio, Waco, and the farthest I personally heard was a coalition from Harlingen (south of Corpus Christi) who drove 6 hours each way!  This meeting also brought a bit of news media attention.  Check it out here and here!

Also-Archived Live Broadcast is available at the Texas House of Representatives webstite:

Please note that you will need Real Player installed to view this broadcast.

Background of Smart Meter Deployment

Smart meters began being deployed as far back as 2007, although, I believe it got a ‘shot in the arm’ in 2009 when it has been reported that the Obama Administration apportioned  $3.4 Billion dollars which lead to the rollout of 18 million smart meters, 1 million ‘in-home’ energy management displays, and 170,000 smart thermostats, not to mention advanced transformers and load management devices.  Since their massive deployment and with the discovery of multiple unflattering issues related to the smart meters, ranging from privacy invasion, security vulnerabilities, negative health effects of all kinds, in hindsight, it seems to me the Texas PUC, as well as their counterparts around the US may have been lax in doing their homework on the readiness of the Smart Meters.  In a rush to grab stimulus monies offered by the Obama Administration, no one bothered to thoroughly look in all directions before leaping.  This appears to be the unfolding of a fiasco on a national level that will make Solyndra look like a Junior High Prank.

Background on Project 40190-To Determine the Feasibility of an Opt-Out Program

The PUC Forum held August 21, was created in the light of public pressure on the PUC regarding the public’s unhappiness with the fact that they were having smart meters forced on to their homes without any consideration for their wishes concerning the installations.  February 10th Representative Dennis Bonner sent a letter to the PUC stating that as the author of the Legislation that encouraged the implementation of Smart Meters and Smart Grid infrastructure, there was no intention that the meters should be mandatorily forced upon people’s houses against their wishes.  He also stated that the PUC should correct their ‘oversight’.  The Project 40190 was subsequently opened on February 16 to determine the feasibility of an Opt Out program.  Many who are ‘fighting this fight’, really know that an Opt Out is not going to be the answer we are looking for.  So, we participate in hopes we can build upon this opportunity to actually ban them!

Public Forum Summary

During the August 21st Public Forum there was time given to many of the ‘stakeholders’ as well as the public to speak.  The PUC invited several of the presenters that were there this day, including two of the four “Expert” testimonies, Rob Kavet, ScD with EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), and Robt Hebner, Dir. Center for Electromechanics, UTA.  The PUC also took the opportunity to be the first ‘presenter’ of the day.  Christine Wright, in charge of “Smart Metering” in the PUC to gave a ‘glossy’ overview of the wonders of smart meters which mirrored much of the ‘PR’ material that they have put out for public consumption.  Then someone from the PUC staff read letters submitted in favor of the smart meter technology turned in by three Texas mayors, Mayor Owens of Missouri City, Marcus Night of Lancaster and Mayor Gregory Wortham of Sweetwater, Texas.  Mr. Wortham stated how he had experienced significant savings on his electricity bills since utilizing the Time of Day pricing with his electric provider.  That’s good for him.  Fortunately, he has not suffered the same ill health effects as some Texans have, who would trade saving a little money for having their health back.

Next were comments from 11 ‘Invited Speakers’ who were allotted 5 min. each.  Six of the 10 spoke on behalf of the “Pro” Smart Meter crowd.  They included representatives from ERCOT, Pecan Street, Texas is Hot, City of Houston, Smolen & Fox, Smolen and Assoc., and “Public-Q-Citizen”-Tom ‘Smitty’ Smith.  The remaining four were speaking in favor of a ban, and/or a moratorium.  Those four were Thelma Taormina of We the People & 912 Association, Inc, Devvy Kidd, who has filed her formal complaint which was denied on two occasions so far and is currently appealing the 2nd denial, Cindy Carriger with Ban Texas Smart Meters, Sharlyn Wall with Citizen Lobbyist Network and John Marler with the newly formed Texans United Against Smart Meters.  However, for those speakers that submitted documentation in addition to their verbal comments, you may access that documentation which has been entered into the public record and can be viewed online by going here.  Look for the names of the commentors to access specific persons docs.

Utility Response

The next part of the meeting was a bit disappointing.  This portion included 20 minutes for the Transmission & Distribution Utility Co’s which are Oncor, Centerpoint, Tx NM Power, and AEP to respond to the questions posed to them in writing & Filed with the PUC in the record for the Project 40190 the previous Tuesday.   Rather than try to answer any of the numerous questions posed to them, the only representative to speak was from Oncor, and he summarized the questions in to 4 basic categories, Security (& Privacy) of the Data, Health Concerns, Access to customers property and  Accuracy, to which he gave mostly general answers to, much like you might find on their website if you were to go research the questions on Oncor’s website.  The other 3 TDU Representatives only gave their name, and nothing further.

Now Lunch Break!

Immediately following lunch was the Expert Panel presentations.  Each panelist was given 15 minutes.  Again, the PUC made sure to have half of the experts be on ‘their’ side.  The following is a summary of the two experts speaking in favor of more study to be done with the meters in order to determine their safety.

Expert Panel Presentations

Although there were 4 total ‘experts’, I will just focus on the ones who were not invited by the PUC.

Brent Bullock (Technical Consultant) gave an excellent presentation, cautioning the PUC from dismissing to quickly the health complaints from the people.  He strongly urged the Commission to commission studies that could get to the ‘root cause’.  He stated that we don’t have the exact cause and effect.  He suggested they should try to connect actual complainant to the environment and to the exact equipment that is in use, and study the situation within their environment.  He stated that there could be many contributing factors creating the environment and that studies should be done at the persons residence where the meter was installed, so they could more accurately assess the variables involved.  He went on to say, “Regarding the RF from the Advanced Meter, I don’t expect it to be a problem for the general poplulation, but based on the evidence we’ve heard today, it seems very likely that we have some undiscovered, unexpected complications or exceptions to the rules, and we owe it to the people of Texas….to get to the bottom of this.”   He also stated that we have no one taking responsibility which is what needs to happen so we can get to the bottom of these issues.  When questioned by Commissioner Anderson, he responded that the software of the meters can be remotely upgraded, and that is something consumers are concerned about.  Even if they don’t have a particular capability now, there’s still a possibility that the meters could be outfitted with more invasive technology in the future.  He also astutely commented that how could Commissioner Anderson insist that the data still belongs to the customer when the data is being uploaded to a computer and broadcast through the RF, both of which can be breached.

Curtis Bennett, of Canada, (Cheif Sci. Officer, Bldg Contruiction Engineering Tech., …and Thermografix Consulting Corporation), offered his analysis regarding the fact that within the ‘safety codes’ of Canada and the US, during the safety testing for RF and EMF there were missing components of the testing, thus the guidelines are flawed.  Neither Canadian standards nor the US take into consideration when looking at the RF emitted by a device to determine its safety, the additional exposures to the person, such as cell phone tower or electrical line emissions.  Furthermore, they fail to include that humans have electrical signals and frequencies by which our bodies operate.  Therefore, by leaving variables out of the equation, he submits that the standards are not accurately formulated, and thus cannot be relied upon.  His testimony was excellent and thought provoking for all.  However, rather than try to ‘explain’ it, I recommend that you listen to this YouTube video in which he presents basically the same information he shared at the PUC.  This video is even better because you get it in its entirety, along with visual aides.

Public and Stakeholder Comments

After the Expert Testimony there were Public and Stakeholder comments.  Unlike earlier only a very small percentage of presenters were ‘pro-smart meter’ (two, I believe were the only in support).  There were numerous folks who signed up to speak, 13 of which did so in advance, but there were probably twice as many (at least!) who signed up on that day.  In order so that I can get this summary out on the website as soon as possible, I will reserve my comments about the personal testimonies till I have a little time to review my recordings from that day.  There were so many things brought out in addition to personal stories of pain and injury due to the smart meters.  One woman was even brought to the point of tears when telling about her sons declining condition. Oh, and I believe there was at least two Dr.s’s who spoke in opposition as well.

If you want to keep informed of new posts when they come up, you can scroll down underneath this post under the comments section, you can put a check in the box that says: Notify me of new posts by email

Tell your friends about our website, and that they can look at the TAKE ACTION tab to get started fighting this today!  Also, visit the sites that we link to on the right side of the page for more great information.

Find us on FACEBOOK, ask to JOIN!





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Time to ‘Take it down to Austin’ Again! Public Forum Aug. 21st




Public Forum at the PUC in Austin Texas
Community Input on Advanced Meters
(aka Smart Meters) and Related Topics

(link to PUC Public Memorandum for Item # 525 in Project 40190 with all details-recommend to read this if you want to participate by comments or attending!)

Date: August 21

Austin Texas (Details in Summary below)

We here at BanTexasSmartMeters are hoping for a great number of Texans to show up to let the PUC and big Utility Co’s that we ARE HERE, AND DON’T PLAN TO STAY QUIET on this issue!  If you live far from Austin, consider coming and bringing a few friends (or enemy’s?), besides helping with expenses, mass numbers will really ‘freak out’ the PUC and TDU’s!   Call a friend-tell them about the meeting- and if you know anyone around Austin, encourage them to come!

Since I know all cannot attend, everyone CAN make a phone call or quick fax/email letter to their State Rep, Senator and even Gov. Perry encouraging them to attend this meeting as well. I hope you will take 5-10 minutes to do that – it could do alot to help our cause.

NOTE:(We are still hoping that Devvy will win her request for a Hearing-as that will not just be about a possible Opt Out, but bring to light much evidence in hopes that they would stop in stalling, and go back to the drawing board and correct the issues inherent in the new meters!)

There will be opportunity to join others in a carpool from various areas of the state if you will contact the following representatives to see if there is anyone going from your area.  Several of the major cities are definitely having someone travelling- so give us a try! Hurry, time is short!

Travelling From:

DFW Area – Contact Cindy @

Houston Area –  Contact Thelma @

Other Areas?  Contact (we’ll see if we know of other’s going from your area.)

Can YOU Take others??

If you are going, and have room in your vehicle- contact, and we will see if anyone else wants to join!

You could also make an announcement on our Facebook page-there are over 300 folks on there and maybe one of them would love to ride with you! Another possibility, go to the Facebook Event for this meeting, and you may be able to see who is going, or see if it will let you ‘in’ and then you can post that you need a ride.

Please stay tuned in with this website to keep up with the Texas Smart Meter Battle – you can scroll down below comments to sign up for alerts when new posts are made!


August 21, 2012

John H. Reagan Building
West 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(W. 15th St. & Congress

Sign In Begins: 9:15 A.M.
Start Time: 10:00 A.M.

They are taking comments regarding the possibility of an OPT-OUT.  Many of us know that an OPT OUT is just a band aid…but this Public Forum is where we can make our arguments either FOR or AGAINST an OPT OUT; or even if you have suggestions about how an opt out could be done (such as, not putting the cost back on the one who opts out as a sort of ‘penalty’).  Personal stories also go a long way in a Forum like this, so don’t feel like just presenting some ‘case’ is the only acceptable presentation.  

Those who wish to speak (or submit questions) have three options: 

  1. Email a request to be a Published Speaker ( )
  2. Send in Your QUESTIONS for the Transmission Distrubution Utility (Oncor, Centerpoint, AEP, Tx. NM. Power) by August 14th. (that means it has to be at the PUC Tues. August 14, and be published in the Project 40190)
  3. Show up 9:30-10 and sign up that morning…(however, if the slate is full, you may not get to speak)
They have not published (yet) an exact allotted time per person, but it will likely be about  5-10 minutes, or maybe more if someone takes less time, and yeilds back the balance of their time to you.

*** A Final Agenda with details and speakers will be filed in PUC Project 40190, so to keep informed, check back with the project here: (once on the page look for items entered by the PUC regarding the Public Forum.)

FOR MORE DETAILS, please visit the Memo from the PUC online.

Suggested points to make when speaking: (if you have your own, by all means state them, as they don’t want a large amount of repetition, since time is short.)

  • Creating a Ban- would be a temporary solution
  • Would not keep other’s meters from affecting the neighbors who might be feeling ill-effects of the meters in the neighborhoods or the one on their neighbors facing their home. (there are cases of this-no joke!)
  • Since the meters are gathering sensitive personal data that goes to the point of knowing what the occupants are doing at any given time, they violate our 4th Amendment rights, and as such, should be kept off of anyone’s house, unless and until they can create a meter that does not collect Load Signatures.
  • Wouldn’t it make sense to have a moratorium while all the issues are researched?
  • With an Opt Out, what right does a tenant have or a commercial tenant, or building occupant have.  They would be subjected to the emissions of the meters, and have no recourse but to be forced to move away if they become ill as a result.
  • Your personal (compelling) story.


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The PUC Ruled Against Devvy Kidd’s latest attempt for a Hearing

Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund

Devvy Kidd's Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund

“Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund”

For those who are following Devvy Kidd’s efforts to halt smart meter implementation until further review and research can prove the privacy and safety of the meters, well, the PUC denied her 2nd formal ‘rulemaking’ request.  However, she has appealed and is hoping (but not holding her breath) to be allowed a Hearing so that the documentation she worked so tirelessly, as well as expert testimony will have it’s opportunity to convince the “Powers that BE” that they have made a grave mistake!  Believe me, there’s lots of ‘money and power’ behind the Utilities, and we need a little help to compete!

More info about Devvy’s fight.

There are many who are supporting Devvy’s efforts with letter’s to the PUC (comment period is currently closed), and others are giving financially to the “Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund”.  (To see Devvy’s posts, or be a part covering the costs for legal counsel etc, please go to “Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund”.)  Devvy has no pot of gold.  She’s just a journalist who thought she would be relaxing in her retirement, instead, she is trapesing around Texas, back and forth to Austin and Houston etc. just to take care of co-ordinating fellow ‘petitioners’, and the massive amount of document submission to the PUC, etc.  She is not only doing what she is doing for herself and her husband who requires electricity for his sustenance, but she is blazing the trail for all Texans who are being deprived of their right to privacy as well as to not be unduly ‘radiated’ without our knowledge or consent.

As it is, we have been made guinea pigs for a Texas sized experiment, one in which we are lab rats for abnormal exposure to EMF/RF which has been reported by many Texans to be wreaking havoc in their lives!

How, you may ask?  Well, for one many are reporting the common symptoms such as: headaches, sleeplessness, memory fog, stomach pain, HEART PALPITATIONS, (this can be serious and lead to more serious ‘heart arrhythmia’), tinnitis (ringing of the ears-almost intolerable in some cases), SEIZURES, irritability and more.   (oh, yes, did I mention that it can interfere with people’s wireless medical devices, such as Pace Makers, Wireless Insulin Pumps or Deep Brain Stimulators, etc.?) Did anyone see these issues listed in any PUC literature or even on the Utility Company’s website?  No, all you can find was nothing more than PR fluff material about how safe they are, and to ‘sell’ us on how wonderful life would be with a smart meter? In fact, by reading their literature, you might wonder how we ever got along without them!


Stay tuned to this site… (click the Check-Box under the Comments section that says “Notify me of new posts by email.”)  Then, as we make occasional updates, you will be among the first to know!

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PUC to Determine if Smart Meter ‘Petitioners’ get their Hearing July 13th

Texas PUC needs to know we will NOT let them ignore us…If we don’t stand up for our Rights we will certainly lose them!

Calling all who are ‘Anti-Smart Meter’ to head to Austin to show the PUC that they cannot just sweep our concerns under the rug!  We are watching them, and they need to know it!  Many people tell me they ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT a Smart Meter on their house – and they ask me what they can do about it…well, here’s an opportunity!  Friday, July 13, 9 am to ? (whenever they take up the Project 40404 – it is item 14 on the agenda – more info below).  Hey-why not go down and join the ‘protest’, then after the hearing, do a little sight-seeing!  There is a lot to do in Austin!  CAR POOLS ARE BEING FORMED – More info below! 

The PUC staff have recommended that Devvy Kidd and fellow petitioners NOT get a hearing as they have requested.  This is why we need to show up en masse to help support our cause.  To see the document that recommends denial see the link below.

PUC Doc_Staff Recommend Decline Devvy’s Petition


When?  July 13, 2012  Proceedings Start at 9 am – till 5 pm.  There is an Agenda with multiple items, our Petition for Rulemaking, Project 40404 is item no. 14.  Agenda will be posted here asap.

Where? PUC Building- directions on Link below:

Please WEAR A RED TOP so we can easily find one another and sit together.  We want the officials to notice that we are there.  Feel free to wear a button or small hand-held signs to show support for a Hearing on Smart Meters per Devvy’s Petition!

(Helpful info on Participating in the Proceedings here:

If you need more info about Devvy Kidd’s efforts to stop the forced installation of smart meters, you can read this post with a summary of developments.

To arrange/join a car-pool or obtain more details please contact: 

Cindy Carriger – DFW Area –

or Thelma Taormina – Houston Area –

or Devvy Kidd – West Texas Area –

If you want to create a Car-Pool from your area, contact Thelma to help co-ordinate one from another area.  We also have a FaceBook group/page where you can meet other’s who might want to carpool.  Here’s our Facebook page.

Post by Cindy Carriger


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LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN # 2 to PUC – Devvy Kidd’s Formal Complaint

The comment period for sending in your comments is here again!

Pen and Ink with Paper to write on

Write Your Letter to the PUC

SPREAD THE WORD!! Email this information to all of your friends and family- either send them a link to this page, or copy/paste this entire post, editing as appropriate, and put into the body of your email.  If they are new to smart meter issues, give them a short explanation as to why you are suggesting that they write this letter, and give them a link to this website,  (here’s a good link for Documentation)

For those who don’t know,Devvy Kidd’s previous ‘Formal Complaint’ got tossed out on technicalities.  Also, like the previous time, Devvy Kidd is requesting a public hearing for an initiation of Rulemaking proceedings to BAN the installations of Smart Meters.  The Public Comment period has begun and all letters must be in by June 22, 2012.  SO EVEN IF YOU SENT BEFORE, YOU NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN- THE LAST ONE WILL BE IGNORED!!!

Once again you will need to send in 16 copies of your letter to the PUC.  Below you will find a version that you MAY copy and paste, edit as appropriate…{be sure to enter all your information where appropriate, change the DATE line. add your signature, address etc.}

…HOWEVER, it may be best if you can use your own language, but the letter should still request a hearing and refer to Project 40404, at the very minimum.

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN IT, and I recommend adding a PS in your handwriting, as it will be read since it will stand out, (especially if you do use our ‘form letter’)- a personal PS will make it stand out!

NOTE: If you want more info on the details of what is going on, read about from last time on a previous post to this site.  The basics are the same, only the Project numbers and some of the language of the Complaint are changed.  (New Formal Complaint has been given a new Project No. 40404  [this complaint, when filed at the PUC becomes a Petition for Rulemaking, because they are asking for a change in the PUC rules regarding the smart meter installations]

We recommend that you keep a copy for your records, as well as send them via certified mail so that you get a signed receipt proving you sent them in.

The address to send the letters to is at the top of the letter, just add Attn. File Clerk to the outside of the envelope!


~~~~~THE FOLLOWING IS ‘THE LETTER’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   

Public Utilities Commission of Texas 
1701 North Congress Avenue
P.O. Box 13326
Austin, TX 78711-3326


RE: Petition for Initiation of Rulemaking Proceedings Regarding Smart Meters, Project Number 40404.

Dear Honorable Chairman Nelson, and PUC Commissioners;

After reviewing the newest summary of the Petition submitted by John and Devvy Kidd, and petitioners, I am standing with them in support.  I believe it is in the best interest of the general public that you grant John & Devvy Kidd, and all petitioners a public hearing immediately, to allow the petitioners and other concerned citizens to present evidence and testimony.  Furthermore, I am requesting the termination of the installation of Smart Meters in Texas, at least until the meters are shown to be safe for consumers & stripped of their ability to read consumers electrical load signatures. Additionally, to be removed from homes where the resident is requesting removal.  Additionally, the TDU’s should be instructed to refrain from disposal or destroying of the meters removed from customer’s homes so they can be re-used in the event that they are needed.

Ms. Chairman, I implore you to cease this forced installation of Smart Meters. While there are many valid reasons, the most urgent remedy must be done quickly for the sake of people who are finding out that they are extremely sensitive to the type and strength of RF that the new ‘smart meters’ emit.  Mrs. Chairman, why will the PUC not err on the side of caution in regards to the smart meter installations and declare a moratorium?  An Opt Out just won’t suffice, as you have been made aware, like in cases like Ms. Stephens child in the DFW area, people are being affected by meters that are not even on their own home!  The PUC should commission studies to be done as so to verify the safety of the meters in  the interest of protecting public health, RATHER THAN EXPERIMENTING on the PUBLIC!

I revoke any previous “implied consent” considered by the Utility Co. to have authorized the installation of any so called ‘smart meter‘. Just because I have enrolled to have electricity provided to my home, that does NOT entitle the utility nor ERCOT to retrieve granular data such as load signatures being captured and sent to the smart meter on my homeMy personal usage details (beyond total electricity used during a billing cycle), belongs to me, period, and I have not given anyone permission to retrieve it!



Address (if you include your address it will show up in the public record)


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UPDATE (May 17, 2012) to PUC Activity regarding Stopping the Smart Meter Installations

I have been slow in posting this update, please forgive!  (I have a business to run, and it took a little time for the dust to settle after the Mar. 30 deadline for your letters + 16 copies!)

By the way, Don’t keep this website a secret – tell everyone you know – use our Facebook buttons for convenience, or email the link to your friends – the more people actively in the resistance, the better chance we have to get these ‘stupid’meters banned!  You can also link this website from any that you might own or be a part of, like a Tea Party or 9-12 etc. website.  Ok, enough about us…Well, just one more plug…you too can own a bumper sticker like this one…email me at

No to Privacy Invasion, Say NO to Smart Meters,

Say NO to Privacy Invasion! NO to Smart Meters!


I will try to summarize briefly.

If you don’t know about the recent activity at the PUC concerning smart meters, read any of the previous entries here: (Devvy Kidd Formal Complaint, What’s the PUC got to do with it?, PUC-Open for Public Comments on Devvy Kidd ‘case’ til Mar. 30th )

Where are we NOW?

“Formal Complaint from John and Devvy Kidd, DISMISSED (on technicality)”

Copy of PUC Order to Deny (last paragraph gives their formal & FLIMSY ‘reasons’ why they deny)

Response by Atty Tommy Cryer – objecting since there was one day notice to deny, and no time given to make amendment to their complaint as should be afforded them.

The PUC seems to be playing ‘Hardball’.  There was some wording that was not quite procedurally correct.  So, instead of giving them (Devvy and her Atty) time to make the corrections, they decided to dismiss it altogether.  They justified this since they had opened a project  (Project No. 40190), to look in to the need for an Opt Out program, which they did prior to Mrs. Kidd filing her ‘Formal Complaint’, also referred to in short as a “Petition for Rulemaking”.  I believe they did this knowing that this action was forthcoming, in an effort to make it appear they already have a project underway regarding Smart Meter installations, so there’s no need to open or introduce another.  In fact, when they rejected her filings, they stated that almost exactly, (see last paragraph of above linked doc.)

Devvy Kidd to Re-file her Formal Complaint and gain a Public Hearing

Any day now, Devvy is heading to Austin to re-submit her ‘Formal Complaint’ to the PUC in hopes that with the corrections that were indicated in the Denial Order, they won’t have an excuse to deny her so easily this time around.  She still has with her the rest of the ‘complainant’s’, which number 117, plenty to require the PUC to have to hold a hearing.   Here’s an excerpt from correspondence I received from Devvy showing the ‘rules’ regarding when the PUC is required to hold hearings, as in our case.

“We know the PUC does not want to give us our public hearings. 

Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Part II, § 22.282

‘RULE §22.282 – Notice and Public Participation in Rulemaking Procedures

  1. Public Hearing. The commission may schedule workshops or public hearings on the proposed rule. An opportunity for public hearing shall be granted if requested by at least 25 persons, by a governmental subdivision or agency, or by an association having at least 25 members.The request for public hearing must be made no later than 30 days after the date the proposed rule is published in the Texas Register, unless the commission establishes a different date for requesting a public hearing.’

The request was published in the Texas Register on March 9, 2012. We filed February 23, 2012, with 117 petitioners. That more than exceeds the required number under Title 16 above.”

Stand by to start the next “Letter Writing Tsunami”  (check our website often, or send me an email at so I can email you when time to act).

More links for your research on Devvy Kidd’s complaint.

  • Read any and all of the comments etc. regarding Devvy Kidd’s filing- The PUC opened what they called Project 40199 for the “Petition for Rulemaking”.  You can even see where Centerpoint submitted their objections to the filing.  If you wrote a letter, you can go see your letter, too, as well as see who else sent in comments etc.   When you go to this PUC Projects link, put in the project no. 40199 into the Control No. box, (ignore all the other boxes and just hit “SEARCH”.  Also, if you want to see what is going on with the OPT OUT Project, put in the number 40190 into the same box.
  • Centerpoint’s counter claims – (this is also under the above link, but putting it here for your convenience!)
  • Mr. Sage’s Letter – he was disconnected for 56 days.  I am not sure of the details, but I think it may have been because he took the smart meter off, and re-installed an analog meter…may have been told he was tampering with their meter or something…again, I am not sure of the details.
  • John and Devvy Kidd’s FULL  Formal Complaint – formally named “Petition for Initiation of Rulemaking Procedures Regarding Smart Meters”.  This is a long document, but worth reading if you want to see all the documentation they have built their case upon.
  • Author of Tx HB 2129 Dennis Bonner sends letter (see it here) to the PUC to correct their oversight by making the meters mandatory, as this was not the intent nor language in the bill passed in the 79th Legislature. 
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