Letter to TxPUC from Parents of Children with Special Needs

Pen and Ink with Paper to write on

We are quickly gathering signatures from TEXANS (only, please) whose children with  are susceptible because of dysfunctional immune systems to further injury or negative health effects from the Radio Frequency emissions from Smart Meters. (If you are in a similar situation, but not from Texas, email me at cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com, use Smart Meter in the subject line!)

NOTE:  If you have sent in a letter to the PUC already on Project 40190, if you would kindly contact me at cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com so we can note your “item” number in our letter  we will be presenting to the PUC on Aug. 21, 2012.

Realization of the dangers that Smart Meters can pose to children with compromised immune systems, etc. came result of a situation with a child who lives in Hurst, Tx.  This young girl had seizures when coming into proximity to a smart meter while at her Dr.’s Office in an examination room that had a smart meter on the outside.  Furthermore, the day that the meters were being installed in her neighborhood, she spent the day unable to function.  Now, of course, I realize every child’s medical condition is different, so I am not saying all children exposed to a Smart Meter will have that severe of a reaction, or any reaction, but parents need to be cautioned and made aware that such a possibility exist, especially when the child’s diagnosis may fall into the category of Autism, Neurological, Central Nervous System, Gastrointestinal and Immune System Dysfunctions, including Toxic Body Burden.

If this sounds like your child or someone you know, we would love for you to join our efforts to ask the PUC, Utility Co’s, the Governor, etc. to create an OPT OUT for consumers who want one.

The following is the instructions to go look at the letter we have crafted, and if you agree, then to sign the letter and join us in this effort.  Currently, we will be presenting this letter in person to the PUC at the Public Forum on August 21, 2012 so time to gather those signatures is short.  Once that time passes, we may still keep the form up there so we can continue to show the PUC that there are lots of families who are concerned about the health of their special needs children. This Public Forum will be streamed live from the PUC, and you may watch this Public meeting by going to http://www.texasadmin.com/puct.shtml, at 10 am August 21, (or throughout that day-as it will stream while the meeting is in progress)


Instructions for reading/signing the “Letter to the Texas PUC Commissioners, TDU’s (ex. Oncor, Centerpoint, etc.), Municipality or Co-Op in Texas who are utilizing or considering utilization of Advanced Metering Systems” .

Detailed instructions for signing the Letter – For best results, use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.  Users of IE have reported trouble.  If after reading the instructions and going to the website and giving it a try, you still are having trouble, please email Cindy for help- you can reach her at Cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com .

START: Go to http://www.signnow.com

Next: Look for the “Log In” button on the top right of the page

  • Enter the email cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com
  • Enter the password bantexassmartmeters

Once on the page, you will see a large white square that says, “Tracy Stephens Open Letter_Regarding families with Child…”

Next: HOVER OVER the wording on the box mentioned above.  You will see 3 boxes appear.

Boxes say:  [OPEN]  [Invite Signers]  [More]

TO SAVE CONFUSION, FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY-REFER BACK AS NEEDED, OTHERWISE IT MAY CAUSE YOU TO GIVE UP.  I AM ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE.  (If you get knocked out of the page because someone else logs in, wait several minutes to let them finish, then try to log in again.  You may need to start over.)   When you finish, click DONE on the top right hand of the webpage. Be sure you ARE done, because once you do that it will not let you make any changes!)


Once on the page, you will see a large white square that says, “Tracy Stephens Open Letter_Regarding families with Child…”

Next: HOVER OVER the wording on the box mentioned above.  You will see 3 boxes appear.

Boxes say:  [OPEN]  [Invite Signers]  [More]

Which do I choose?

Start with the box that says [OPEN]

This button will open the document.

NOTE: You are then able to read the letter if you want, however, if time is short, go directly to the SUMMARY, or then the following section called ‘OUR PLEA’ to understand what it is we are asking of the PUC etc.

Next: Scroll down the page until you see the Signature lines.

  • Find the 1st available signature line. 
    • Click under “Print Signature” like you were going to start typing.
    • Then, go up to the top and click the [T-text] box.  Type in your name.
  • NEXT: Continue by clicking in the space for Child’s name, do the same.
  • REPEAT: for Diagnosis – fill in as you deem appropriate.


Next: Now for the actual Signaturethis is a little trickier.

  1. Go to top and choose [Add Signature]
  2. Click on the signature line where you want to start the signature, and the ‘Signature Box’ will appear. (there may already be a previous signature, just ignore, and choose/click on [TYPE]  (THIS IS THE EASIEST!)and start typing your name-you will see it begin to fill in your name with the various fonts).
  3. Once you have finished typing your name, click on the signature closest to your own.
  4. NEXT: on the lower right of the box, click [ADD]. (you will see your signature appear on the signature space.)  Then you can move it or resize it if needed.


  • -NOTE:  Be aware, this letter and its signatures may be entered into the permanent public record in the PUC Project 40190, which is a project looking into the feasibility of an Opt Out for receiving a smart meter on your residence.

TIPS: If you need to:

  • Resize the box with your signature or TEXT to fit the line best.  Do this by grabbing the corner of the box (with your index finger give a left click and hold of the mouse) and ‘squishing’ towards the center of the box to make smaller, reverse to make larger.
  • Reposition the box by grabbing the box (again holding down the left side clicker on your mouse), then moving it into position as desired.
  • You can remove any boxes and start over by clicking the X in upper RH corner of TEXT or SIGNATURE box.
  • Click done when you are sure you are done, or your changes may not save.  On the other hand, once you click [DONE], you can make no changes!
  • Call Cindy @ 817-719-7991 or email me at cindy@bantexassmartmeters for help!


  • This webpage may suddenly sign you out, noticing that someone else has logged on. This is to keep two signatures from being added at the same time.  If this happens to you, you may need to log in again, and may have to start over again.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, but it is a function of the program that we just have to accept.

Any Questions, contact Cindy either of two ways:

email: cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com

phone: 817-719-7991



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  1. Amanda Sadler says:

    please do not force us to have smart meters in our homes.

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