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  1. Mrs. Caballero says:

    We rented a house but prior to inspection, we went to the outside wall where the electric & gas meters were located to be certain they both were analog and not digital smart meters. The owner can attest to our findings. Two to three weeks hence we found the meter had been switched and in its place was the digital meter. I am the only one in this neighborhood with one as the city denied them until 2013. I’d like it removed as soon as possible. What they did and how they did it was sneaky & underhanded. No one was contacted.

  2. brian says:

    you have 928 000 000 Hz going into a 60 hz appliance and grid, it is inevitable this will happen, you have meter to meter communication, your utility is admitting they are forcing these Hz into the grid/appliances. This is why you will get fires and higher billing. The utilities know this 1. they can charge you for the pulsing being sent 2. the pulses will ‘register’ on the next guys house as used (thats why they pulse so many times per day in the 10’s of 1000’s $$$) If you dont know what the cloud is this is also required to have the pulses run through your house for imaging as the microwave field generated can make an image of the house. This is all at the expense of the home owners health and their wiring which is why fires happen.
    It is mind boggling as to why no one talks about sending 928 000 000 hz in to 60 Hz grid as being an issue. You have the suspect, the smoking gun (that smokes all day) the confession (they admit the meters and routers communicate with your house) and iron clad solid witnesses (the laws of electricity and math)
    if you have lawsuits going, it is hoped you would include this angle, if not drop all others and go with this if money is tight.
    The grid cannot function without these pulses, hence it is also the weak link, so there you go

    • ccarriger says:

      I really appreciate your comments-however, not being too techy, and likely most of our readers are not too electrically savvy- would you be so kind as to try to re-state your points, breaking them down a little more in plain language and maybe if there is a comparison you can make in a way that an average person would understand, maybe those less techy can benefit from your knowledge. Thanks for stopping by our website. I hope you will share it with others- knowledge is power, as long as you use it for ‘good’.

      Thanks again-
      Cindy Carriger

  3. Donna Caballero says:

    Does anyone have any information concerning individual and home protection after “smart” meter installation? There are several online products available but I am unable to determine their validity. Thank you.

    • mercedes says:

      Yes, PLEASE advise if you know of any CREDIBLE product solutions for a “smart meter” which has already been installed!
      Since ours was installed last year, my brother has had four seizures (of which he’s never had a SINGLE one in his life until then), and my mother complains constantly that she feels as though her heart is going to “pop out”! In addition, we are all having serious problems sleeping.
      For the record…we only learned about “smart meters” in the past couple of months so these “effects” have not been “created” in our minds.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      • ccarriger says:

        One of the best ways to stay up on the latest big news is to subscribe to our ‘blog’, because when we post anything you will get an email alerting you to our newest post, which is often and UPDATE, or an ACTION ITEM, or both. You can subscribe by going to the bottom of any post (scroll on down!) after the ‘Comments’ section and choose “Notify me of new posts by email.” Here’s a link to our newest story (which is an UPDATE, AND a call to ACTION), and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there, you can click on the “Notify me of new posts by email” there…and YOU are SUBSCRIBED!

        Thank you for visiting and spread the word- share our website or the above link with friends on facebook or email them the link and tell them WHY they need to know the TRUTH about these problematic new ‘smart’ meters!

      • ccarriger says:

        Here are a few links (below this paragraph!) for products or suggestions you might try. I have not tried some of the specific products I will link to, but you can possibly do a search about the products outside of the ‘sellers’ website to see if there are complaints etc. I have purchased some emf reducing items from Zero Point Global, which is an MLM company. I had a friend introduce me to the company, and have heard of folks having good results. Personally, I have not ‘felt’ effects of the EMF that were noticeable, with the exception of ‘ear ringing’…which comes and goes in intensity. Usually it is minor, but seems that it gets louder on days I am on my laptop a lot. If you want to know more about Zero Point Global’s products, just email me at, and I will try to connect you to a website you can view the products.

        Solutions for Reducing Exposure etc.

        GROUNDING (This set of 7 videos describes what “Earthing or Grounding” is, and I think it might give products, but I’m not sure – very educational)

        Earthing products (there are several out there, I suggest researching several before choosing, as cost and quality can vary greatly)

        Grounding at home- on the ‘cheap’:

        Email to get more info on various products for protection-I will send you a link to a site with pendants, and items to put on your cell phone, blue-tooth, laptop etc.

        Earthing and More:

        Thinking of Purchasing a “Meter” to read the levels of EMF/RF in your home?

        Here’s an inexpensive way (device) to test your surroundings to see how strong the EMF is in various parts of your house. It is the Cell Sensor. It is only about $30, so don’t expect the same features and results of a meter costing $100+, but is is great for those who can’t or don’t prefer to spend big bucks to ‘test’ their surroundings. To purchase, try Amazon (here).

        This is not an exhaustive list, and from what I can tell each link to products seems credible to me from my basic research, but as always “Let the Buyer Beware”, so do your homework!

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