Launch of OPERATION Ban Texas Smart Meters!



Ban Texas Smart Meters

…needs YOU!  


Texas with circle and line thru the smart meters


These meters, no matter how hard we WISH and HOPE they will go away, will not do so without sufficient exposure of the RISKS to our Privacy Rights and Adverse Health Potential to community as a whole, and appropriate PRESSURE applied to the PUC and Texas Legislators!  

With this in mind, we are forming an

  ACTION oriented Group 

to take specific actions with the intent of giving choice back to the consumer regarding the measuring and control of our electricity use. 

Please join together with our cause by Clicking  CONTACT US

to let us know you want to be a part of


Our current endeavor is a PETITION DRIVE, and Website Promotion Drive! (if time is tight for now, scroll down about how to promote the website, you can easily do so in 2-5 min.!)

Besides our 3 online Petitions on our site, we have created a Physical Petition, which should be a more powerful representation of the desires of the people since each signature represents registered voters, and includes: Name, Phys. Address, DOB and Date signed.  This physical Petition will be presented to the PUC of Texas, our Governor Perry, and Legislators.

Ways you can participate:

P H Y S I C A L   P E T I T I O N:

Request a physical copy to sign yourself, (do this through our Contact Us link!) and also gather as many signatures from family, friends, and neighbors- even your Civic Groups, 9-12 and Tea Party Groups, Church functions etc.  This will also give you an opportunity to bring up the subject of Smart Meters with those around you, don’t you feel they deserve to know?  We can’t expect the main stream media to do that job-think about how you heard the news!

O N L I N E  P E T I T I O N:

Go to our page with the Online petitions, [ ]sign, and then send links to your friends & family, and then go brag about your good deed on Facebook!

W E B S I T E   P R O M O T I O N: 

2 Action items: 

1.)  Like us on Facebook and Twitter – Link from Icons on Front Page of this site!

2.) From various articles on this website, please click on of the “Like” buttons (there are two styles), to share specific articles that will link back to this website, and hopefully alert people to the Issues with the Smart Meters!


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