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Following is a list of ways that you can participate in this effort. Your voice is important–


1) Please tell your neighbors and friends about “Smart Meters”. Give them our website address    www.bantexassmartmeters.com  Also- SIGN OUR PHYSICAL PETITION: “Petition for a Law Against Mandatory Smart Meter Installation” -Use the Contact Us page on this website! (see details below on step 5). 



2) Call your Texas Representatives (Who represents me?)
and Governor Perry’s Office – (512) 463-2000.

Mail Governor Perry a letter @ Office of the Governor
State Insurance Building
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701


3) Go to this link and copy the Certified Letter Form. Modify it to fit you and send to your Transmission Distributor (i.e. Oncor, Centerpoint, & Texas-New Mexico are the biggest 3 of 4), and also your electricity provider (i.e. TXU, Reliant, Gexa, etc.).  When writing either I recommend using your ESI ID found on your electric bill, as well as your address.  Be aware, they will send you a polite reply stating that this has been allowed by the Texas Legislature and there is nothing that you can do but just enjoy the tremendous benefits you will receive once you have your smart meter.

However, don’t trash the mail-put in a file for later.  Once you receive the letters, then go to the PUC to file your informal complaint.  This is the next required step- The PUC is supposed to log all complaints, a record will be kept- this is good.  For more on the informal complaint process visit the PUC website.  We have some info below as well in step 4.

 CENTERPOINT ENERGY    1111 Louisiana Street
                                          Houston, TX 77002-5230


    ONCOR ENERGY            Consumer Affairs
                                         1616 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Suite 6C-006
                                          Dallas, Texas 75202-1234     



4) File an Informal Complaint with the Public Utilities Commission of Texas.   This will pave the way for any future action you might like to take. For example, you cannot pursue any legal action without having first at least filed an informal complaint.  Also, there is a process by which to file a Formal Complaint with the PUC.  There is specific information about this also on the PUC of Texas website.  Actually their site can be very useful to address fighting this issue, so I recommend following the link below, and using their search box to find the various things we have discussed here.  Additionally, the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Electrical Providers and the Transmission Distributors is posted on the site as well.  

For more information about filing this form, see File Complaint:  We recommend reading this section prior to filing your informal complaint.  If we follow the same steps, it could be beneficial that all the complaints are ‘on the same page’.  Numbers speak volumes to someone like the PUC (or at least, they should!)

5) We have created a physical, “official petition”(i.e. Not an ‘online’ version of a Petition).  Please use the Contact Us form to request to sign the petition.  More than likely, we can send you a Petition form, and you can sign it, hopefully get your friends and neighbors to sign it, then send it back to us.  If you belong to any groups where you can take it to gather signatures, that is a great way for us to build our Petition strength.  Please do this ASAP, as there is a time limit in which we must collect the signatures!  Please request your “Petition for a Law Against Mandatory Smart Meter Installation” TODAY!

6) Consider joining our OPERATION BAN TEXAS SMART METERS TEAM.  Find out more HERE.


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