Time to ‘Take it down to Austin’ Again! Public Forum Aug. 21st




Public Forum at the PUC in Austin Texas
Community Input on Advanced Meters
(aka Smart Meters) and Related Topics

(link to PUC Public Memorandum for Item # 525 in Project 40190 with all details-recommend to read this if you want to participate by comments or attending!)

Date: August 21

Austin Texas (Details in Summary below)

We here at BanTexasSmartMeters are hoping for a great number of Texans to show up to let the PUC and big Utility Co’s that we ARE HERE, AND DON’T PLAN TO STAY QUIET on this issue!  If you live far from Austin, consider coming and bringing a few friends (or enemy’s?), besides helping with expenses, mass numbers will really ‘freak out’ the PUC and TDU’s!   Call a friend-tell them about the meeting- and if you know anyone around Austin, encourage them to come!

Since I know all cannot attend, everyone CAN make a phone call or quick fax/email letter to their State Rep, Senator and even Gov. Perry encouraging them to attend this meeting as well. I hope you will take 5-10 minutes to do that – it could do alot to help our cause.

NOTE:(We are still hoping that Devvy will win her request for a Hearing-as that will not just be about a possible Opt Out, but bring to light much evidence in hopes that they would stop in stalling, and go back to the drawing board and correct the issues inherent in the new meters!)

There will be opportunity to join others in a carpool from various areas of the state if you will contact the following representatives to see if there is anyone going from your area.  Several of the major cities are definitely having someone travelling- so give us a try! Hurry, time is short!

Travelling From:

DFW Area – Contact Cindy @ Cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com

Houston Area –  Contact Thelma @ thelma@912membersusa.com

Other Areas?  Contact Cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com (we’ll see if we know of other’s going from your area.)

Can YOU Take others??

If you are going, and have room in your vehicle- contact Cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com, and we will see if anyone else wants to join!

You could also make an announcement on our Facebook page-there are over 300 folks on there and maybe one of them would love to ride with you! Another possibility, go to the Facebook Event for this meeting, and you may be able to see who is going, or see if it will let you ‘in’ and then you can post that you need a ride.

Please stay tuned in with this website to keep up with the Texas Smart Meter Battle – you can scroll down below comments to sign up for alerts when new posts are made!


August 21, 2012

John H. Reagan Building
West 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(W. 15th St. & Congress

Sign In Begins: 9:15 A.M.
Start Time: 10:00 A.M.

They are taking comments regarding the possibility of an OPT-OUT.  Many of us know that an OPT OUT is just a band aid…but this Public Forum is where we can make our arguments either FOR or AGAINST an OPT OUT; or even if you have suggestions about how an opt out could be done (such as, not putting the cost back on the one who opts out as a sort of ‘penalty’).  Personal stories also go a long way in a Forum like this, so don’t feel like just presenting some ‘case’ is the only acceptable presentation.  

Those who wish to speak (or submit questions) have three options: 

  1. Email a request to be a Published Speaker (meterforum@puc.texas.gov )
  2. Send in Your QUESTIONS for the Transmission Distrubution Utility (Oncor, Centerpoint, AEP, Tx. NM. Power) by August 14th. (that means it has to be at the PUC Tues. August 14, and be published in the Project 40190)
  3. Show up 9:30-10 and sign up that morning…(however, if the slate is full, you may not get to speak)
They have not published (yet) an exact allotted time per person, but it will likely be about  5-10 minutes, or maybe more if someone takes less time, and yeilds back the balance of their time to you.

*** A Final Agenda with details and speakers will be filed in PUC Project 40190, so to keep informed, check back with the project here: (once on the page look for items entered by the PUC regarding the Public Forum.)

FOR MORE DETAILS, please visit the Memo from the PUC online.

Suggested points to make when speaking: (if you have your own, by all means state them, as they don’t want a large amount of repetition, since time is short.)

  • Creating a Ban- would be a temporary solution
  • Would not keep other’s meters from affecting the neighbors who might be feeling ill-effects of the meters in the neighborhoods or the one on their neighbors facing their home. (there are cases of this-no joke!)
  • Since the meters are gathering sensitive personal data that goes to the point of knowing what the occupants are doing at any given time, they violate our 4th Amendment rights, and as such, should be kept off of anyone’s house, unless and until they can create a meter that does not collect Load Signatures.
  • Wouldn’t it make sense to have a moratorium while all the issues are researched?
  • With an Opt Out, what right does a tenant have or a commercial tenant, or building occupant have.  They would be subjected to the emissions of the meters, and have no recourse but to be forced to move away if they become ill as a result.
  • Your personal (compelling) story.


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3 Responses to Time to ‘Take it down to Austin’ Again! Public Forum Aug. 21st

  1. Jeff says:

    Have written to Senator Florence Shapiro, Governor Perry, State Rep Ken Paxton,  TX House Rep. Van Taylor, and as well as Senator Dan Patrick with Smart Meter info and asking all to please attend the Public Forum. Have also published the info for The Constitutional Defenders of Texas and brought the info to two local TEA Parties. In the past we have signed 4 petitions and written letters to all 4 project numbers at the PUC. We are planning on attending the Forum.

    • ccarriger says:

      Excellent work! Thank you so much for your efforts! I hope other’s will be encouraged to write their representatives also.

      If you have not contacted me before via email, I would love to connect with you to add you to our list of folks who are really getting busy on this issue! You can email me at cindy@bantexassmartmeters.com.

  2. Jeff says:

    Yes Ma’am, we are on the email list and FB page.

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