The PUC Ruled Against Devvy Kidd’s latest attempt for a Hearing

Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund

Devvy Kidd's Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund

“Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund”

For those who are following Devvy Kidd’s efforts to halt smart meter implementation until further review and research can prove the privacy and safety of the meters, well, the PUC denied her 2nd formal ‘rulemaking’ request.  However, she has appealed and is hoping (but not holding her breath) to be allowed a Hearing so that the documentation she worked so tirelessly, as well as expert testimony will have it’s opportunity to convince the “Powers that BE” that they have made a grave mistake!  Believe me, there’s lots of ‘money and power’ behind the Utilities, and we need a little help to compete!

More info about Devvy’s fight.

There are many who are supporting Devvy’s efforts with letter’s to the PUC (comment period is currently closed), and others are giving financially to the “Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund”.  (To see Devvy’s posts, or be a part covering the costs for legal counsel etc, please go to “Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund”.)  Devvy has no pot of gold.  She’s just a journalist who thought she would be relaxing in her retirement, instead, she is trapesing around Texas, back and forth to Austin and Houston etc. just to take care of co-ordinating fellow ‘petitioners’, and the massive amount of document submission to the PUC, etc.  She is not only doing what she is doing for herself and her husband who requires electricity for his sustenance, but she is blazing the trail for all Texans who are being deprived of their right to privacy as well as to not be unduly ‘radiated’ without our knowledge or consent.

As it is, we have been made guinea pigs for a Texas sized experiment, one in which we are lab rats for abnormal exposure to EMF/RF which has been reported by many Texans to be wreaking havoc in their lives!

How, you may ask?  Well, for one many are reporting the common symptoms such as: headaches, sleeplessness, memory fog, stomach pain, HEART PALPITATIONS, (this can be serious and lead to more serious ‘heart arrhythmia’), tinnitis (ringing of the ears-almost intolerable in some cases), SEIZURES, irritability and more.   (oh, yes, did I mention that it can interfere with people’s wireless medical devices, such as Pace Makers, Wireless Insulin Pumps or Deep Brain Stimulators, etc.?) Did anyone see these issues listed in any PUC literature or even on the Utility Company’s website?  No, all you can find was nothing more than PR fluff material about how safe they are, and to ‘sell’ us on how wonderful life would be with a smart meter? In fact, by reading their literature, you might wonder how we ever got along without them!


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