PUC to Determine if Smart Meter ‘Petitioners’ get their Hearing July 13th

Texas PUC needs to know we will NOT let them ignore us…If we don’t stand up for our Rights we will certainly lose them!

Calling all who are ‘Anti-Smart Meter’ to head to Austin to show the PUC that they cannot just sweep our concerns under the rug!  We are watching them, and they need to know it!  Many people tell me they ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT a Smart Meter on their house – and they ask me what they can do about it…well, here’s an opportunity!  Friday, July 13, 9 am to ? (whenever they take up the Project 40404 – it is item 14 on the agenda – more info below).  Hey-why not go down and join the ‘protest’, then after the hearing, do a little sight-seeing!  There is a lot to do in Austin!  CAR POOLS ARE BEING FORMED – More info below! 

The PUC staff have recommended that Devvy Kidd and fellow petitioners NOT get a hearing as they have requested.  This is why we need to show up en masse to help support our cause.  To see the document that recommends denial see the link below.

PUC Doc_Staff Recommend Decline Devvy’s Petition


When?  July 13, 2012  Proceedings Start at 9 am – till 5 pm.  There is an Agenda with multiple items, our Petition for Rulemaking, Project 40404 is item no. 14.  Agenda will be posted here asap.

Where? PUC Building- directions on Link below: http://www.puc.state.tx.us/agency/about/contact/Directions.aspx

Please WEAR A RED TOP so we can easily find one another and sit together.  We want the officials to notice that we are there.  Feel free to wear a button or small hand-held signs to show support for a Hearing on Smart Meters per Devvy’s Petition!

(Helpful info on Participating in the Proceedings here:

If you need more info about Devvy Kidd’s efforts to stop the forced installation of smart meters, you can read this post with a summary of developments.

To arrange/join a car-pool or obtain more details please contact: 

Cindy Carriger – DFW Area – Cindy@BanTexasSmartMeters.com

or Thelma Taormina – Houston Area – Thelma@912MembersUSA.com

or Devvy Kidd – West Texas Area – Devvy@earthlink.net

If you want to create a Car-Pool from your area, contact Thelma to help co-ordinate one from another area.  We also have a FaceBook group/page where you can meet other’s who might want to carpool.  Here’s our Facebook page.

Post by Cindy Carriger


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  1. Christina S. says:

    Did anyone video record the workshop forum from yesturday? I went to PUC texas website and it reads that it is only to be viewed during the forum only.

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