LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN # 2 to PUC – Devvy Kidd’s Formal Complaint

The comment period for sending in your comments is here again!

Pen and Ink with Paper to write on

Write Your Letter to the PUC

SPREAD THE WORD!! Email this information to all of your friends and family- either send them a link to this page, or copy/paste this entire post, editing as appropriate, and put into the body of your email.  If they are new to smart meter issues, give them a short explanation as to why you are suggesting that they write this letter, and give them a link to this website, www.BanTexasSmartMeters.com.  (here’s a good link for Documentation)

For those who don’t know,Devvy Kidd’s previous ‘Formal Complaint’ got tossed out on technicalities.  Also, like the previous time, Devvy Kidd is requesting a public hearing for an initiation of Rulemaking proceedings to BAN the installations of Smart Meters.  The Public Comment period has begun and all letters must be in by June 22, 2012.  SO EVEN IF YOU SENT BEFORE, YOU NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN- THE LAST ONE WILL BE IGNORED!!!

Once again you will need to send in 16 copies of your letter to the PUC.  Below you will find a version that you MAY copy and paste, edit as appropriate…{be sure to enter all your information where appropriate, change the DATE line. add your signature, address etc.}

…HOWEVER, it may be best if you can use your own language, but the letter should still request a hearing and refer to Project 40404, at the very minimum.

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN IT, and I recommend adding a PS in your handwriting, as it will be read since it will stand out, (especially if you do use our ‘form letter’)- a personal PS will make it stand out!

NOTE: If you want more info on the details of what is going on, read about from last time on a previous post to this site.  The basics are the same, only the Project numbers and some of the language of the Complaint are changed.  (New Formal Complaint has been given a new Project No. 40404  [this complaint, when filed at the PUC becomes a Petition for Rulemaking, because they are asking for a change in the PUC rules regarding the smart meter installations]

We recommend that you keep a copy for your records, as well as send them via certified mail so that you get a signed receipt proving you sent them in.

The address to send the letters to is at the top of the letter, just add Attn. File Clerk to the outside of the envelope!


~~~~~THE FOLLOWING IS ‘THE LETTER’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   

Public Utilities Commission of Texas 
1701 North Congress Avenue
P.O. Box 13326
Austin, TX 78711-3326


RE: Petition for Initiation of Rulemaking Proceedings Regarding Smart Meters, Project Number 40404.

Dear Honorable Chairman Nelson, and PUC Commissioners;

After reviewing the newest summary of the Petition submitted by John and Devvy Kidd, and petitioners, I am standing with them in support.  I believe it is in the best interest of the general public that you grant John & Devvy Kidd, and all petitioners a public hearing immediately, to allow the petitioners and other concerned citizens to present evidence and testimony.  Furthermore, I am requesting the termination of the installation of Smart Meters in Texas, at least until the meters are shown to be safe for consumers & stripped of their ability to read consumers electrical load signatures. Additionally, to be removed from homes where the resident is requesting removal.  Additionally, the TDU’s should be instructed to refrain from disposal or destroying of the meters removed from customer’s homes so they can be re-used in the event that they are needed.

Ms. Chairman, I implore you to cease this forced installation of Smart Meters. While there are many valid reasons, the most urgent remedy must be done quickly for the sake of people who are finding out that they are extremely sensitive to the type and strength of RF that the new ‘smart meters’ emit.  Mrs. Chairman, why will the PUC not err on the side of caution in regards to the smart meter installations and declare a moratorium?  An Opt Out just won’t suffice, as you have been made aware, like in cases like Ms. Stephens child in the DFW area, people are being affected by meters that are not even on their own home!  The PUC should commission studies to be done as so to verify the safety of the meters in  the interest of protecting public health, RATHER THAN EXPERIMENTING on the PUBLIC!

I revoke any previous “implied consent” considered by the Utility Co. to have authorized the installation of any so called ‘smart meter‘. Just because I have enrolled to have electricity provided to my home, that does NOT entitle the utility nor ERCOT to retrieve granular data such as load signatures being captured and sent to the smart meter on my homeMy personal usage details (beyond total electricity used during a billing cycle), belongs to me, period, and I have not given anyone permission to retrieve it!



Address (if you include your address it will show up in the public record)


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3 Responses to LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN # 2 to PUC – Devvy Kidd’s Formal Complaint

  1. John Abner says:

    16 copies, are those all mailed in one envelope, or 16 mailings?


    • ccarriger says:

      ONe mailing- Since the language of the request from the PUC says ’16 copies’, it seems a bit ambiguous to me as to whether you send the original plus 15 totaling 16 ‘copies’ or if it means the original and literally 16 copies totaling 17 sheets. So, to err on side of caution, i make 16 copies plus the original. But, yes, only one envelope- if your letter is only one page, a 9×12 Envelope should do. Thank you for participating! I hope more do the same! If you want to take a look at some of the letters received regarding this project 40404, or the previous one, 40199, or even the one about considering an Opt Out, PRoject 40190, you can go to this page and use any of those project numbers to put into the box for the “Control No.” and read all the documents submitted concerning the Project. Here’s the page http://interchange.puc.state.tx.us/WebApp/Interchange/application/dbapps/filings/pgSearch.asp

    • Patriot Shar says:

      16 in ONE envelope … we have to make the copies for all the members .. even tho you would think we already pay for those copies ??!! oh well … whatever it takes to Get ‘Er Done lol

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