Interim Senate Committee to take up Smart Meter Health Issues! Oct. 9, 2012

WE NEED YOUR LETTERS, WRITTEN, SIGNED THEN SCANNED AND EMAILED [to] SO THEY CAN BE DELIVERED TO the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce on October 9, 2012.

URGENT CALL TO ACTION, with a very short timeline (sorry!).


  • Salutation –  To: Senator John Carona, and you might consider also addressing Carona’s fellow committee members (the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce), other Texas Legislators, such as Dewhurst, Perry, your state Senator.
  • Give your personal testimony of how the smart meters have affected your life (committee is largely focused on health issues, but if there are other’s include those as well.)  (If  you haven’t rec’d a smart meter, you may state your concerns and opposition.)
  • Send to the friendly folks at, and they will print and take to Austin with them. Time is Very Short, Meeting is Tuesday Oct. 9, and the letters must be rec’d in time to print out and take to Austin. Try to do it Sunday, or as early as possible Monday!
  • Include the date and YOUR Signature – this is why it needs to be scanned in so your SIGNATURE will be ON RECORD.  (Add’s legitimacy to the document!)

If you want to try to attend, this is an open meeting- and a good showing will help our cause – you may be allowed to give a 2-3 minute testimony (I have not confirmed this, but you could possibly call John Carona’s office to verify.)

TO ATTEND, here’s details:
10 AM start time.
Room E1.016, Texas State Capitol Extension, Austin, Tx. (Overflow Room- E1.012)  See Agenda and timeline etc here.

Press Release From Senator John Corona


AUSTIN, TX — Senator John Carona, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce, is adding an interim charge relating to smart meters to the Committee’s October 9 meeting.

“There is a lot of concern in the public regarding advanced meters or smart meters, in particular about the potential health effects,” Carona said. He continued, “These concerns have not gone away over the course of industry installation and educational outreach, suggesting a need for further attention and review. ”

“I applaud the efforts of the Public Utility Commission and their recent public forum on the subject and look forward to this opportunity for additional public discussion.”

The hearing will be held in Austin, Texas on October 9, 2012 at 10:00 AM in the Texas Capitol Extension, Room E1.016. The Committee will also take up interim study charges on payday loans and the Texas Telecommunications Universal Service Fund, as well as hear quarterly updates from selected state agencies, including the Texas Department of Insurance.

Senator John Carona represents Texas Senate District 16, encompassing all or parts of Addison, Carrolton, Coppell, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Highland Park, Irving, Rowlett, and University Park. He was elected to the Legislature in 1990, first as a House member, and in 1996 he was elected to the Texas Senate. He has served as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce since July of 2010.

More information can be found on the Committee blog at Follow Senator Carona on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Above Press Release SHARED FROM TEXANS AGAINST SMART METERS (Link to their website-sign up for their posting updates to stay informed!)

BELOW Portion comes from Senator Carona’s Committe blog, that has details about the above referenced Senate Committee on Business & Commerce meeting.

PUBLIC HEARING, October 9, 2012, 10:00 a.m.

Room E1.016, Texas State Capitol Extension, Austin, Texas  (Overflow Room E1.012)

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One Response to Interim Senate Committee to take up Smart Meter Health Issues! Oct. 9, 2012

  1. Peggy Ploss says:

    Mr. Cook,

    Below is an email that was sent to my state senator. As the chair of the “State Affairs Committee”, I urge you to bring this to the floor YESTERDAY. Having discovered
    only this morning that I do in fact have a “smart-meter” was devastating to me. I had no idea. When the issue came up while in Medical Clinic yesterday, I responded that I do not have a smart meter… WRONG…

    As mentioned below, I AM APPALLED that our state legislators would pass such a bill allowing this to go into effect without choice by its citizens to opt out… THIS ACTION IS CONDEMNED… TO FIX THE ISSUE YOU CREATED, I URGE YOU TO BRING THIS TO THE FLOOR IMMEDIATELY.

    I placed more confidence in our TEXAS Body than I should have and YOU ALL should be held accountable for such action as representation of the people…

    I would also like you to be prepared to deal with “weather modification” issues that are taking place over Texas via high altitude spraying… STOP IMPLEMENTING THINGS THAT ARE EFFECTING THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF OUR CITIZENS FOR A DOLLAR.

    Thanking you in advance for your SWIFT action regarding this issue.

    PS.. I called Oncor this morning to verify if I have the meter and if so to have the meter removed. I do have the meter and was informed the state passed a bill allowing them to place the meter and they do not have to remove the meter by state law. FIX THIS ISSUE IMMEDIATELY.

    Mr. Carona,

    As my State Senator, I am contacting you regarding the smart meter that was placed on my home June 8, 2011 without my knowledge or permission. Not only has my privacy been violated, my freedom of choice has been violated as well as my health by exposure to low frequency EMF emissions.

    I am a very health conscious individual even to the point of growing my own food right here in Addison, TX. I urge you to do whatever is necessary to be in contact with the State Affairs Committee to urge them to push the bill of freedom of choice regarding the “Smart Meter OPT-Out or removal” forward and in place ASAP. Yesterday was too late.

    It is appalling that our state legislation passed the bill to allow mass implementation of this grid on the public without opportunity of choice. I condemn this action on your part as well as any other legislation on the books that would violate freedom of choice for the individual.

    This action on behalf of the state and the utility has forced me to rethink my need for public utility as I am sure it is doing for many individuals. One form of protest would be mass opt out of utility use for a period of time… for extended periods of time with backup options in place. We do have options… Perhaps not easy at first …. however, they do exist.

    Thank you for responding to my note. I would like to know your position on “Smart Meters” as well as “weather Modification programs”….
    Pj Ploss

    10:38 AM (1 hour ago)

    to Stefani.carter, Harry
    Representative Carter,

    Below is an email that was sent to the Chair of the State Affairs Committee as well as the State Senator.
    I trust you are on top of this and will push the Bill forward. I personally have developed a blood cancer since
    last summer and feel this is a part of the issue. I want the thing off my house immediately…

    Thank you for fixing this thing that was created by state legislation in the first place.

    Peggy Ploss
    Pj Ploss

    11:28 AM (1 hour ago)

    to Evelina
    this is the correspondence with the state legislators…
    Pj Ploss

    11:37 AM (54 minutes ago)

    to mark

    Below is correspondence regarding Smart Meters… Not sure if you are involved with the removal of them or just a
    reporter. Please clarify and if you would, I would like to know your position on smart meters as well as
    “weather modification” through the use of high altitude spraying otherwise know as chemtrails.

    Thank you
    Peggy Ploss
    Mark Lisheron

    11:47 AM (44 minutes ago)

    to me

    I am a reporter. I don’t have a position on smart meters. I have reported on them.

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