Appliances, A/C’s and Electronics Damaged – more Coincidence?

Are Smart Meters Causing Damage to Appliances?

damaged air conditioner unit

Homeowners pay for repairs after Smart Meters cause havoc on some Air Conditioners

As if Over-Billing and Invasion of Privacy weren’t enough to get your blood boiling about these so called “Smart Meters”, now we have them to thank for fried computer circuit boards, damaged pool equipment, ruined household appliances, and various ruined A/C parts!  And, who do you think gets stuck with the repair/replacement bill? I didn’t say who SHOULD, but who DOES.  If you guessed the Utility company- WRONG, think again!  The utility company says that anything ‘from the Meter on’ is YOUR PROBLEM!  What about all the homeowners who had a problem with a damaged air conditioner, but never realized that it could easily have been caused by the introduction of a smart meter onto the home.  That was the case with a friend of mine-this came up while we were talking about the issue, and she had no idea that many people had the same issue after receiving their smart meters!  If you want to see other similar stories, just put [damaged or ruined appliances smart meters] not in “quotes”, into a search engine, and see what pulls up.  Can this many stories, just like the numerous over-billing and health issues just be coincidental?  If so, this is the greatest amount of perponderance of evidence I have heard to just be dismissed as coincidence! Yet, on and on the deployment of Smart Meter goes. Another day, another story or two or ten!  Too many to count, and yet the PUC and our Legislators just deny and deny, and tell us we are just confused, or mistaken, or it’s the weather, or coincidence! PoppyCock!  Tell us what you think – leave your comments below!  If you have your own story, click the menu tab that says Smart Meter Stories, and choose the drop-down ‘send us your story’.

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16 Responses to Appliances, A/C’s and Electronics Damaged – more Coincidence?

  1. Joe Myrick says:

    The Smart meter issue is far more than what it appears to be on the crust. It is just but a tool being placed, which to use in the force of us, into the acceptance of a total control system that is coming, and is partially already implemented, where you will be required to have a microchip implanted under your flesh to be able to conduct any business. The planners of this system knew there would be resistance, so they implemented measures to force you into compliance. You see the Energy code that passed in 2009 went into effect this month being September 2011, which calls for homes to become far more energy compliant. If you are granteed any monies to do upgrades to your home, they must be used to meet these standards. I have not figured out the details for certain but I remember an amount of 1500.00, which won’t get you far in sealing your home, and moving the insulation line from the ceiling to the rafter line, removing soffit vents, ridge vents, gable vents, and closing them up. No more breathing homes, that is right, all attics will be sealed, and no home without having done so will pass inspections, or the SS officer will deny your passing, so that a smart meter cannot be installed for you to get electricity to be able to move in. Anyone already living in a home is faced with this if there home is left without electricity due to an unpaid bill causing the meter to be removed. People owning rental property are about to be hit with some extreme costs. Grandfathering will soon be of the past. These masterminds cannot build there ideal utopia by allowing you to be grandfathered. You will comply or your home will most likely retrofitted on your behalf where you will be billed via taxation for the costs. This doesn’t matter to the US government because the property now belongs to the United Nations and its agents. You will be allowed to move back in if you choose, after the home is made compliant. City, County, State, officials are already being prepareded for this, but most do not see how they are being used, as the UN’s agents have blinded them with a deception, having painted such a picture in their minds of how this is needed to move us ahead to lead in the millenium. Others who have figured it out are either scared to speak up, but I think that most people who work in government become adminstration robots, and just do as their told for their paychecks, and benefit packages. These codes have made your home unliveable unless you have electricity to cool it down. This generates a guaranteed customer base for the now government owned utility distribution system. These will all be put in place before you are required to submit to the implant, and if you refuse the implant you will not be able to conduct business of any kind as you will not have access to your bank account, not having an interface, (POS)ie implanted chip.The REAL ID Act will be the subsistitute form of identification until the majority of society is brought into smart meter compliance, and it will act as the registration program. People who will not resist a tracking chip being carried in their wallet will more than likely need nothing more than propaganda education to get them to co-operate with under skin implants. Citizens refusing totally will eventually have re-education attempts performed on them, and after the decision is made by those re-educators that it is of no use you will wear be declared an enemy of the state. Remember what GW Bush said “either you are with us or the terrorists”. I am sorry people but I could teach you much more but I must go to work. Pease get yourself ready for hard decisions that will make you sweat blood. Please make your eternal plans by believing if Jesus The Christ, the son of God, who warned us of all these things. Matthew chapter 24. Revelations 13 on

    • Paul H says:

      Check out “SOMARK” it’s an RF identification tattoo. They have used it on cattle since 2008. Just think of you seeing a vision into the future…….mark of the beast. Get it?
      Here is another one for you…”celldar”. It uses the same frequencies as the smart meter to track.

  2. N Verschoor says:

    No one in the government needs to know such detailed information as the Smart Meters will be providing. See the publication: DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
    The last paragraph on page 2 states: “Advances in Smart Grid technology could significantly increase the amount of potentially available information about personal energy consumption. Such information could reveal personal details about the lives of consumers, such as their daily schedules (including times when they are at or away from home or asleep), whether their homes are equipped with alarm systems, whether they own expensive electronic equipment such as plasma TVs, and whether they use certain types of medical equipment. Consumers rightfully expect that the privacy of this information will be maintained. The proprietary business information of non-residential customers could also be revealed through the release of energy consumption data, resulting in competitive harm. Studies conducted by utilities and consumer advocates have consistently shown that privacy issues are of tremendous import to consumers of electricity.”
    We do not need a “big brother” society nor a Nazi Germany society nor a communist society of any kind. We need more local government control and much, much less national government control. We need to ban the Texas SmartMeter immediately.

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  4. Sandra Ervin says:

    I disapprove of the Smart Meter being placed at my home. It is nobody’s business how much electricity I use, plus I do not approve another way the government gets to invado our privacy. Enough is enough. A meter should be for the purpose of reading the amount of electricity I use each month and not for all kinds of personal information. DO NOT PUT THIS AT MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mrs. Caballero says:

    Prior to renting 1201 Durango Place, Flower Mound, TX 75028, we inspected the gas & electric meters to make certain they were analog, not digital. Two weeks after moving in, we discovered the original electric meter had been replaced by digital “smart meter.”
    Called electric provider, Coserve who said those meters would not be installed until 2013. This is not same meter we & homeowner eyeballed! We were duped and have been treated like morons by the utility company. How do we get this device removed?

    • ccarriger says:

      I’m sorry to hear you went to all the trouble to find a house without smart meter, only to have one installed weeks later. There is not much likelihood to the meter getting removed unless the PUC of Tx. creates an Opt Out for Texans- or, unless Devvy Kidd has success with her attempt in getting the PUC to halt installations with the intent of investigating the meters for safety etc.

      My suggestion for you and others is to bug your Texas Rep and ask them to press the PUC to at a minimum create a non-penalizing Opt Out, or even better, explain how the law is being mis-applied because the Law never made the meters mandatory. As I have said in other places on this website, Tx Rep. Bonner, who was author of the bill that the PUC and Transmission Dist. Co’s like Oncor and Centerpoint claim give them the ability to put meters on your house, even wrote the PUC {Letter here} and told them that his bill never said these were to be mandatory, and that the intent of the bill was not to force meters against one’s will. He went on further to state that the PUC needs to correct this ‘oversight’ on their part. So, Representatives (and Senators) all over Texas need to hear from YOU (all readers of this post!) telling them you DO NOT WANT A SMART METER, AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE FORCED AGAINST YOUR WILL TO HAVE ONE. {Contact to find your Texas Representative & Texas Senator} If you need details as to why Smart Meters are ‘bad’, look up the post on this site called ‘Documentation’ for plenty of ammo to write your congressman about.

      I think I remember you calling me to tell me about this happening to you…unless there is another one in this same situation! Stay tuned to this site for updates on the Opt Out situation!

      God Bless you, and America!

  6. Jerry Rutherford says:

    Let us fight back. This is not right. It is damaging our health little by little. It is completely insane what they did to all of us without any trustful studies to prove that it is safe. The FCC guide lines are just as crazy. They do not have the right to set up a 1 watt radio station on my house and make me pay for it.

  7. Ginger Barham says:

    Oncor Energy recently contracted to have Smart Meters installed in my area. Since that time, my upstairs A/C unit (located approx. 5 feet away from the new Smart Meter) has stopped working! The only way to get it going is to reset the breaker, which will get the unit working, but only for approx. 5 mins. I contacted my Electric company, who refuses to do anything about it. Very frustrating!!

    • ccarriger says:

      Im curious Ginger B, has any AC person or electrician looked at it and diagnosed the issue? Please update if possible. Thanks!

      • Lisa Barham says:

        Yes, my A/C guy said the capacitor was blown. I contacted Oncor Customer Svc, who in turn sent the installation contractor out to confirm the equiment was installed and operating correctly (it was, per Metadigm). They have sent their report back to Oncor, so I am waiting to see what (if anything!) Oncor plans to do. In the meantime, I am out $250 for the repair. Hope this doesn’t happen to others, but I’m sure it has.

  8. Susan Kirkes says:

    Oncor employees came to my door twice this summer telling me they were here to install my new Smart Meter. Both times, I told them I would not give permission and told them to leave. They did so. On 9/15 I was out for the day, and when I came home I found a notice on my door that they had installed a Smart Meter. On 9/17 my microwave stopped working. For a period of time that morning the sound on my TV was very distorted. On the morning of 9/18, all of the timers on my DVR had been erased. It seems too much of a coincidence that all of this happened only two days after the Smart Meter was installed.

  9. Basset Hound says:

    We got our “Smart Meter” on November 26, 2012. Today we got the bill from Reliant. Needless to say, it was a shock. We have lived in this house since 1992. I’ve monitored our electricity usage, and compared it with previous years. For the past six years I’ve averaged less than 900 kwH in December. My usage for the ten days of my billing period that I had my “Smart Meter” is more than TWICE what my usage was the 20 days of the cycle where I did not have the meter. I did NOTHING different. There is no possible way (other than a billing error) that this could happen. My total usage was almost twice what it normally is for December. In fact it is more consistent with my June bill when I start using my air conditioner. I shudder to think what my bills will be like this summer.

  10. duane barker says:

    PGE’s smartmeter AC controller caused my home AC unit to stop working after a “smart day.” They sent a signal that was supposed to turn their AC unit’s light from green to red, but it did not. They promised to send out a Piggee guy to disconnect thier device but did not, since then just the runaround. I’m not going to fix the AC unit but no doubt in my mind about this. We need a class action suit against these Pigees. Its the middle of summer here in Sacramento. What a bunch of crooks.

  11. John says:

    The not-so Smart Meter fried the motherboard on my computer, then a couple months later it killed our new TV. I live in Houston and so far we have had no success getting a regular meter installed; only lies, the run-around and misinformation from the power company Centerpoint (and Reliant). We are currently exploring other options such as a Faraday cage or some other method to defuse the radiation that pours into our home daily.

    My family and myself have experienced rapid, diminished physical health. Symptoms include brain fog, decreased mental acuity, dizziness, memory loss, headaches, sleeplessness, skin rashes and sores that either take a prolonged time to heal or do not heal at all, painful joints, bruising/bleeding, depression, irritability, hearing problems, loss of appetite and a pronounced loss of weight.

    If we can’t get the meter replaced, or inhibit the radiation danger, our only option will be to sell our home and move outside the Houston criminal zone of death and corruption.

  12. chris farrely says:

    This video shows how RF from her smart meter is transmitting on house wiring.
    The woman in the video has cancer and her daughter went blind.

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